RM Landscape Design  offer the following services:

Drafting Services

Full colour plans delivered as part of the service

Comprehensive Waterwise reticulation plans

Preferred supplier recommendations

Design Process and Services

The design process for your garden starts with the dream, the idea. This is translated into a workflow to make the creation come to life. With a landscape designer you can plan a garden that compliments and adds value to your property. While the kitchen and bathrooms are great internal selling points, the balance that you create on the exterior can add value to your residence.

These are the stages we will work through:


The first stage is the consultation. RM Landscape Design will meet with you for an assessment of the area, budget & other needs of your project. This includes themes, plant choices and other factors.

Design Concept

Once you have decided to choose us for your project and budget has been agreed to we will begin the concept drawing and sketches to scale. At this stage you will receive your full colour design drafts, for you to review.

Final Design

During this phase we will work toward finalising your design, choosing a landscape. This also includes plant choices and any lighting, reticulation and other services you may want to include.